April 20 2014

styledotcom Must be the night fever.

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Angela Missoni’s Buon Compleanno


“My feet hurt,” moaned Angela Missoni after a day that had seen her show her Fall collection twice, then be carted off to a surprise birthday party in honor of her recent 50th. The kids—Margherita, Francesco, and Teresa—got her out of the house by pretending the dinner she was hosting for the British press would have to be moved due to a plumbing disaster in her building. The ingenious plot was blown by a journalist friend who called from New York Wednesday night and mentioned the party. “I don’t think I’m supposed to know about that,” Angela sagely observed, so she played along. On Thursday she walked into a typical Missoni evening: an unbelievable spread of food, friends she’d had since she was 14, and her family all around. A slideshow tracked Angela from babe in arms through her hot tamale teens and twenties to her current blissed-out state. “Fifty? Feh!” she shrugged.

Photo: Guindani/SGP