August 23 2014

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Bar Refaeli: Total Hamburglar


This isn’t exactly breaking news, but life is just not fair. The point was reinforced at last night’s party at Kowloon for Bar Refaeli, who landed the cover of this year’s edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The Israeli glamazon, who dates Leonardo DiCaprio and will be the host of MTV’s relaunched House of Style (and did not appear to be wearing a lick of makeup), didn’t have to think twice when asked how she prepared for her all-important SI shoot. Crunches? Bikram? One of those crazy detox diets Gwyneth writes about in GOOP? Uh, no. “They told us to eat a lot,” Refaeli said. “Hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers. I was really enjoying myself.” Sigh. Refaeli went on to note that the eating continued even on the set, where all the models were encouraged to dig in to every catered feast. “It’s not about that fashion look,” Refaeli noted. “They want curves. They want you to fill out the suits.” Speaking of “that fashion look,” let it also be noted that, as Refaeli was talking, Eliza Cummings was tucking into a serving of fried rice in the corner. The U.K.’s new It girl and a proper hipless androgyne, Cummings confirmed that she’s in New York to walk at the fashion week shows. “And then in London,” she added, “I’m doing practically everything. I’m really excited about walking at Vivienne Westwood.” And with that, Cummings popped a dumpling in her mouth, and proved there is no such thing as justice.

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