August 20 2014

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Blasblog: After-Hours With La Perla


It’s a dilemma I’ve heard more than one girl complain about: You spend a couple hours on your makeup and your hairdo, throw on a fancy dress to hit one of Manhattan’s galas on the benefit schedule, and then what? Drag your borrowed gown to a club and sacrifice the hem? Throw fake lashes to the wind and head downtown to a dive bar? (For some reason, going home has never been an option.) Well, the fine folks at La Perla offered a solution last night after the Frick gala, sponsoring a Champagne-filled after-hours party at the St. Regis Hotel. “We decided to keep everyone uptown tonight,” Suzy Biszantz, La Perla’s North American CEO, explained. Uptown indeed. Girls like Lauren Remington Platt and Byrdie Bell tucked their ball gowns into booths in the central lobby and the Cole Porter bar, where the music was provided by a live piano player—a few adventurous revelers attempted to turn them into sing-alongs. “I had forgotten how much I like this part of town,” Bell, who lived on the U.E.S. when she first moved to New York, explained (she’s now a Tribeca rep). “But it really is amazing: It reminds me of old New York, and the glamour that used to be in this city.” It also gave Tinsley Mortimer a chance to show off her personalized wine cellar in the restaurant. “This is where I could keep my wine nice and safe,” she explained, polishing the little plaque that read her name. “But right now it’s empty.”

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene

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