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Blasblog: Margherita Missoni’s Venetian Runway


With most of the fashion world in New York the past few days, we almost forgot that there were chic happenings in other parts of the globe. Take Venice, where the 2009 Carnevale is underway, and where Margherita Missoni flew over the Piazza San Marco for the city’s traditional Flight of the Angel. Obviously, she wore a specially designed Missoni creation, complete with some trademark knit wings,
for the occasion. “When I was up there I was terrified, and immediately regretted ever having agreed to do it,” Missoni now laughs. “But after a few minutes of tears and saying no over and over, I closed my eyes and told them to do it. And then I was flying over Venice. Amazing. I could even see the mountains in the distance, and the 100,000 people looking up at me.” But she was looking for a few people in particular: “I could see my mother and my grandmother crying, and it made me so happy.”