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Blasblog: Temperley’s In-Store Dance Party


According to Alice Temperley, the two big pros to having a party in your Soho loft and showroom are that, for one, you can stay as long as you’d like, and two, there’s enough room to have a real dance floor. While I can’t attest to the former (it’s called beauty sleep), I did receive word this morning that the revelry continued past a typical nightclub’s closing time. I did, however, take advantage of that dance floor, joining the likes of Milla Jovovich, Olympia Scarry, Michael Stipe, and Barbara Bush in enjoying the musical stylings of the evening’s DJ, Jefferson Hack. The party was a celebration of the brand’s newest presentation mode—this season’s collection was seen via video. “It’s an exciting time,” Lars von Bennigsen, Temperley’s husband and business partner, said. “We’re thrilled to try new things.” Not that all talk was devoted to futuristic fashion presentations. When Jovovich came in, Temperley was eager to compare notes on Ever Gabo (Jovovich’s little girl) and Fox (Temperley’s 17-month-old son). “And I thought having a fashion company was hard work,” teased Temperley.

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