August 27 2014

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Blasblog: The New (Slightly Reluctant) Art World DJs


Watch out Nate Lowman, Leo Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Cho, and all the other art world cool kids who dabble in the world of hot-spot deejaying. Last night at Lit, two females (both familiar with the fine arts) edged onto their turf. Artist Aurel Schmidt and Jen Brill did a duet guest session with the regular Wednesday night girls Harley Viera Newton and Cassie Coane. The new team brought with them an impressive crowd that spanned all stripes of Manhattan folk: Stella Schnabel, Chrissie Miller, Theodora Richards, Jessica Stam, Josephine de la Baume, Shoshanna Gruss, Ali Wise, Charlotte Ronson, Andres Santo Domingo, and Diego Garcia. How did they enjoy the gig? “It’s hard work,” Schmidt said. “I would be so excited to play my favorite song, but then I would look out and everyone would quit dancing.” (She makes a completely valid point. For a crowd that prides itself, perhaps too much, on being the epitome of downtown cool, there was far too much bejeweled fist-punching to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies to be fully deemed street cred.) So perhaps the world of professional deejaying isn’t in Brill and Schmidt’s future? That seems fine with Brill, who, when asked if she had picked a name yet (I had suggested DJ Brillstein or DJ Jimmy Jen-Jen), winced. “Please refer to us as Jen and Aurel,” she said. “Or if you want to get really crazy, Aurel and Jen.”

Photo: Derek Blasberg

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