August 29 2014

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Blasblog: Welcome Back, Ladies


Some of my favorite moments from the fashion week that was were seeing so many old-school supermodels back on the runway: Tasha Tilberg, Hannelore Knuts, Natasa Vojnovic, and Trish Goff at Alexander Wang; Diana Dondoe and Jamie Bochert at Marc Jacobs (Bochert surfaced at Rodarte, too); and Carmen Kass, who opened Michael Kors, followed by Frankie Rayder and, later, Caroline Ribeiro. I asked Douglas Perrett, a New York-based casting agent who chronicles his placements on cult-fave site
Confessions of a Casting Director, if he thought we might be harking back to pre-recession faces for nostalgia’s sake. “Totally,” he said, adding that Ana Claudia Michels is having a Givenchy moment right now, and Jenny Shimizu will be a judge on Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel. “We are indebted [to] the nineties right now,” noted Perrett. Earlier in the week, I caught up with Tilberg, who said she can’t help but be flattered by the attention. “Alex [Wang] said such nice things to me,” she recounted, “so it was fun to come back to New York and do another show—but one or two is enough. I don’t miss all that chaos.” Perrett doesn’t think the trend will continue in the next few weeks, however. “I think Europe will be all about the new faces,” he predicts. What do you think, Style Filers? Do you want to see more old-school supes in the weeks to come?

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. ben_anonwomen says:

    I love seeing these ‘old’ girls back on the runways. Its refreshing to see women who actually should be wearing these clothes rather than 16yo’s so far removed from the reality of the actual customer base the collections are designed for. These ‘older’ models bring personality and spirit to the clothes. As Halston said ‘Fashion starts with fashionable women’.

  2. jessiekthompson says:

    I want to see Nadja Auerman back on the runway!!! And where is Stephanie Seymour? And Claudia?? More old girls!

  3. PhoenixDiva says:

    I would love to see some “old school models”! If only to show the fashion industry that over 25 isnt ready for the boneyard!!

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