August 20 2014

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Couturiers Rethink Edwardiana


While Karl Lagerfeld was literally having his work cut out for him at Chanel Haute Couture (by Kamo, a Japanese hairdresser who created the show’s elaborate paper headdresses), his fellow designers had a slightly different form of scissorwork in mind. The sharp, soot-colored suits at Anne Valérie Hash and Armani Privé recalled the fitted tailoring and moody elegance of the Edwardian era. That age also resurfaced in the exaggerated shoulders inching up toward the models’ chins on a number of runways. Riccardo Tisci, fashion’s dark knight, kept things light at Givenchy by swapping sheer puffs of organza for shoulder pads. Click for a slideshow, then let us know whether Couture’s Edwardiana trend strikes you as fresh or stuck in the past.




Photo: Alessandro Lucioni / ImaxTree



  1. prinnyt says:

    fresh,like it.

  2. naboolio says:

    Aside from the Dior, Chanel, Givenchy and Gaultier I found most of the slideshow a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. mamakudos says:

    Did anyone else notice how unhealthy Sasha Pivovarova looked at Elie Saab?

  4. thejanaki says:

    I like the element of the sculptured shoulders which is a fresh take on the edwardian theme

  5. ZoeyMay says:

    i agree pretty boring…

  6. naboolio says:

    Mamakudos – I think most of the models are desperately overworked during fashion week. They need a union!

  7. lqhanley says:

    As usual…Mr. Lagerfeld is fresh, modern and wearable! Key in this economy…

  8. activaire says:

    IT seems to work best with unfussy, modern tailoring. The exaggerated shoulders are too 80′s. Great for street wear, as in an overcoat, but maybe too “defensive” for a private function.

  9. CocoJazz09 says:

    The only wearable items of the group are the Christian Lacroix three-piece suit and the Elie Saab gown. The rest are too off the wall for ready to wear.

  10. moniar says:

    Everything has been done, and the only ones that still look new are Chanel and Givenchy.

  11. Fashionesta18 says:

    The trend is interesting although a better showcase would’ve been better. I love the concept of boulder shoulders its very empowering. My favorite look nevertheless is that beautiful gown from Elie Saab. Someone should wear that to the Oscars this year. It has such presence!

  12. surekha says:

    I would be like to participate in fashion show ..I am from India and a upcoming desighner . Please help me how can I participate in international fashion show
    Thanking you
    Surekha Ratan

  13. marie_denault says:

    Just a simple touch, i love the shoulders. Feminine yet strong.

  14. heightsoffashion says:

    I personally loved what Ricardo Tisci did at Givenchy…he always amazes me.

  15. evafate says:

    i’m a huge fan of victorian and edwardian era fashions, especially when they’re done with a modern twist, so i thought i’d love this, but…

    the armani is too wrinkled and severe, unapproachable and unwearble anywhere, unless you wish to send the message “get away from me!”

    anne valerie’s is a bit anticlimactic… anyone could dig something out of their wardrobe in twenty minutes.

    the lacroix is all right. hate the pendant she’s wearing, and the whole thing would look better on a girl with a bit more of a figure than a fashion model… menswear may not be meant for womanly curves, but she’s swimming in that! also, the hair is ridiculous.

    the dior is lovely, lovely, lovely, but even i, who wear petticoats on a day to day basis, can think of NO occasion it would be wearable for.

    love the gautier, and i’ve actually considered doing an outfit that was very similar after looking at the art of japanese artist mitzukaza mihara, and believe it or not, i can think of some places this outfit might actually be appropriate.

    the alexis mabille is something i’ve actually worn something very similar to for daywear, and i’d probably wear this, but it makes me chuckle a bit since this is so very courtney love kinderwhoreish.

  16. evafate says:

    the last two are ridiculous, and the less said about them, the better.

  17. Lolaadore says:

    Some of these pieces are beautiful but some of them needed a little modernized revamping.

  18. lauralee52 says:

    Boring?? I was asleep by the time the second picture appeared..puleeeeze!!!

  19. thefidmlife says:

    LOVE it. gaultier, dior, givenchy, chanel….

  20. Matthewson says:

    The Eli Saab gown would partner well with George Lucas’ Darth Vader garb. Star Wars is still chic is it not?

  21. o8b3 says:

    omg sooo BEAST she looks like a haute coutore zombie

  22. diorr says:

    quite fashianable especially shoulders are me best but neck could be different

  23. jujubs67 says:

    Love love love. Absolutely beautiful.

  24. jujubs67 says:

    Love it. Absolutely beautiful.Especially the Dior outfit. That skirt is a serious piece of art! WOW

  25. Nancy_Jane says:

    This is a refreshing style since everything in the past decade has been something you might wear to bed or when you are lounging around the house. The best, posted March 30, 09 is horrible and not one of them celebs looked good except Reese – she always looks good no matter what! Designers need to get back to REAL designing. Maybe I and a lot of others can stop designing their own clothing. I hope the god awful designs shown for the BEST DRESSED on 3/9/09 will be a thing of the past. I do however; think the shoulder pads show here may be a little too large but at least she looks feminine and sexy. At least someone is looking forward in the industry.

  26. Makeup5 says:

    LOVE Everything about it!

  27. Callejafoto says:

    An amazing piece!!!

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