August 28 2014

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Isaac Mizrahi’s Goes Kaleidoplaid For Liz Claiborne


Midtown after dark isn’t the sexiest place to charm a fashionista, so if you’re asking us to come, it better be good. But we needn’t have feared: When there’s an Isaac Mizrahi attachment, you know it’s going to be well worth the trip. Last night’s cocktail party cum-presentation of Liz Claiborne Fall ’09 (Mizrahi’s third collection for the line) was quintessential Isaac. Backed by the Ben Waltzer jazz quartet (who plays with the designer when he performs at Joe’s Pub), models marched out 36 solid looks in the form of a continuous runway show.

With collection themes like New Wheels (fifties lumberjack), Color Dot Com (electric eighties), and LizBean (seventies New England), there was something for everyone, especially if you like fall. Cheerful and vibrant, with the slightest nostalgic pull, denim peacoats, Melton toggle jackets, and duffel coats (the latter in Kaleidoplaid, which seems to be what happens when lavender, lime, and tangerine join forces for fabulousness) were layered with leopard, corduroy, and lace. “I believe in color! I don’t care what they say. With the economic climate you have to start the season with the right color!” Mizrahi proclaimed. Well, there was lots of it, and even in this Debbie Downer economy you can have it: Nothing in Mizrahi’s collection will go for over $200. But what about the accessories, like the perfect black pointy-toe paddock boots we spied? “My goal is to make everything available,” Mizrahi promised. Oh, Isaac. You rule.

Photo: Dan Lecca

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