August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Lawless At Rachel Comey


Fashion is not funny. OK, that’s not true. Fashion is often inadvertently hilarious. But Bruno aside, purposeful runway mirth is in perpetual short supply. Leave it to Rachel Comey to rush headlong into that breach: Her show this evening will be soundtracked to the live comedy stylings of Heather Lawless, a humor artist you may have caught on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend or opening for Sleater-Kinney. (In the name of keeping fashion week light, your humble correspondent just invented the term “humor artist.”) “I think it might be awesome,” says Comey, who has made a habit of inviting local creative types to participate in her shows. “But I also think it might be really weird and awkward. So, you know, we’ll see.” What appealed to Comey about Lawless’ work was its “interior monologue quality,” and with that in mind, she’s having Lawless deliver her deadpan jokes as the models walk, almost like voiceover narration. “I feel no one ever thinks about what might be going through those models’ heads,” Comey notes. “So Heather’s there to fill in the blanks, in an inexact way.” As for the clothes the models will be wearing, Comey admits there’s no comedic influence. “I’m not, like, sending a bunch of black turtlenecks and mom jeans down the runway,” she wisecracks. “Is that what the stand-ups wear these days? I honestly have no idea. But yeah,” adds Comey, “the clothes are dead serious.”

Photo: Courtesy of Heather Lawless