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Neil Barrett Digs Zaha Hadid’s Curves


Neil Barrett’s women’s collection has always been about sharp cuts, but for Fall there’s even more splicing and dicing than usual. “It’s about dissecting an Englishman’s wardrobe and putting it back together,” he explained, pointing out a a scarf made from a jacket lapel, a shirt with cuffs at the shoulder, tank dresses patchworked together from men’s suiting fabrics, and soft, drapey, double-layer tees. His new in-store concept, which he previewed for, follows a similar principle, except the angles of his clothes are replaced by Zaha Hadid’s curves. The architect, who designed the Tokyo shop he opened last year, has created a system of components that can be configured and reconfigured like a 3-D puzzle with very streamlined, space-age results. Barrett’s Hadid-designed Bergdorf Goodman outpost is set to open next January.

Photo: Courtesy of Neil Barrett



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