August 31 2014

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Browns And Nicholas Kirkwood’s London Dance Party


A dance party for Browns Shoes, given by Nicholas Kirkwood, seems like the perfect occasion to talk about the unfortunate combination of high heels, swanky dos, and standing. Taken individually, each of these things is incontrovertibly good—high heels, good; swanky dos, good; standing, the thing that separates human from ape and thus, yes, good. But put them together and, well…ow. “If you know you’re going to be standing for a while, you want to wear a shoe that’s got some proper padding on the ball of the foot,” said Kirkwood on Saturday night at the aforementioned dance party he gave to fête the opening of Browns Shoes in London. “And if you’re wearing a really high heel,” Kirkwood added, “you’re best off with a platform, because that will cushion you against the ground.” Kirkwood, creator of heels about a mile off the ground, knows whereof he speaks, though it must be noted that at the fête itself, hosted by Visionaire‘s Cecilia Dean and makeup artist James Kaliardos, Kirkwood spent rather little of his time just standing around. Rather, inasmuch as the MisShapes and Love, of the band CSS, had been shipped across the pond to DJ, the thing to do was dance. Before he got his groove on, however, Kirkwood did offer some clues to the Fall ’09 collection he’s in the process of completing. “I’ve been working on a heel-platform combination inspired by what happens when, like, ice breaks apart,” he said. “If you remove the negative space between them, they’d fit together.” And how are the broken-ice heels for standing? “I can’t really say,” Kirkwood admitted, “as I don’t actually wear them myself.”

Photo: Courtesy of Browns Shoes

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