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Philip Crangi’s Collab Problem


Is there such a thing as a healthy addiction? Philip Crangi may have discovered one: The jewelry designer is, by all appearances, addicted to collaborations. The past few seasons have seen Crangi go on a creative spree, working with Vera Wang, Costello Tagliapietra, Shipley & Halmos, and, as part of his 2008 CFDA/Vogue nominee duties, the Gap. Now Crangi has added buzzmeister Jason Wu to the mix. “I like to think of it as Cartier du Congo,” says Crangi of the rhinestone-paved necklaces and earrings he’s conjured for Wu’s Fall ’09 show. “It’s kind of tribal, but it’s elegant.” Crangi is also taking his tribal fixation in a more abstract direction this season as he continues his collaboration with Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos. His necklaces, earrings, and belts for their show feature long, spindly pieces of metal “almost like spears,” as Crangi puts it, hung off of thin fiber-optic wire. “It’s like the idea of a necklace or a crude drawing of one, more than an actual necklace,” says Crangi of his design, which lies long and square and askew across the chest. “It’s an interesting concept to play with,” he adds. “You know, that’s why I like to collaborate so much, and
with so many different people—working with other designers allows me to experiment with new ideas. And it’s good to stay in that habit.” In other words, no intervention required.

Photo: Courtesy of Philip Crangi

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