August 20 2014

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Sweet (Thom Yorke Approved) Music At Rag & Bone


Attention all indie rock fanatics: If you are attending tomorrow’s Rag & Bone show, you must prepare to have your mind blown. Not only will local legends Albert Hammond, Jr., and the National be seated front row, but rumor has it that one Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame, duh) has curated the Rag & Bone set list. Rag & Bone designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are maintaining a strict “no comment” policy on this one, but here’s the skinny: No, Thom Yorke will not be there; no, Radiohead is not playing a surprise gig; yes, you may surmise what you please from the fact that Yorke wore Rag & Bone’s “Cleveland” jacket when he performed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. (Lil Wayne was rocking a Rag & Bone scarf, too.) In other, less swoon-inducing musical news, Jimmy Fallon will also be at the show. You may remember his 2002 comedy rock album The Bathroom Wall. Or, you know, you may not. Bootleg away, kids.

Photo: Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

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