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The Material Girl’s Memorabilia


“9:30, Sean coming, 11:30, workout, 5:00, David Letterman, 8:00, Showtime, 1:00, Meet Sandra.” Three guesses on whose handwritten journal this is. Well, considering the Sean is Penn and Sandra is old buddy Bernhard, you guessed right. This agenda, along with thousands of other personal effects, was brought together for a major Madonna moment—Simply Madonna: Materials from the Girl, an exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery in London. Along with notes, unknown lyrics, canceled checks, and the odd music video award, there are clothes, clothes, clothes. The pink bustier dress from the “Material Girl” video; the Jean Paul Gaultier black bustier from “Open your Heart;” the Evita wedding dress—all present and accounted for. Fans, historians, and stars—including Noel Gallagher, Vivienne Westwood, Bill Wyman, and a gaggle of Jagger offspring—packed into the Brick Lane space to soak up the Madge-factor. “It was a labor of love,” said curator Ted Owens as a Japanese viewer nearly fainted in front of the “Truth or Dare” pearls. “Of course, we would love Madonna to be here now and see this major love in, but I guess she is little busy right now with her divorce.” Yes, just a tad. All the items will be up for auction, which prompted the question: Does Mr. Owen think they’ll get the price they’d like, for, say, the “Material Girl dress? “Darling, Madonna is recession-proof.”

Photo: Oli Scarff

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