August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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The New Hier-Marc-chy


Whether you’re Seatist or not, during fashion week it’s nearly impossible not to notice that your place in our tight little fashion universe is measured by row number. Some acknowledge and move on; others linger. I’m sure any fashion PR can rattle off a list of the latter. I like to think of myself in the former camp. And so when I received my invite to the newly downsized Marc Jacobs show, I experienced a brief but bright moment of glee to see row 1. (I had previously held strong at a totally fine-by-me fourth row.) But then the kind folk at KCD informed me that the new MJ is mostly mono-rowed. Well, I still feel sort of special, and I’m so excited to finally see the shoes.

Photo: Greg Kessler

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