September 1 2014

styledotcom Just in time for fashion week, @Barbie's wardrobe gets a designer update:

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The Selby: Now Get The T-shirt


Todd Selby launched, the addictive, voyeur’s heaven featuring his photographs of creative types and their equally creative homes, just over six months ago and he’s already got the likes of Michael Stipe asking him to shoot their places. “I’ve tapped into a general human instinct, people are always up in everyone else’s business,” Selby says of his new role as the Shelter-torialist. But he keeps tinkering with the mix anyway, adding Q&As with subjects, inviting them to write their own captions, and most recently, collaborating on projects. First up is a concert tee by his friends Lyz Olko and Josh Conner of the streetwear label Obesity and Speed that’s on sale today for $45 on The front reads “I’m Watching You,” and the back features Selby’s eyeball logo, circled by the words “World Tour Obesity and Speed + The Selby.” That’s actually no ironic overstatement, at least not for Selby who has two European shows of his work, one slated to take place in Paris at Colette later this year. More on those soon. For now, enjoy this exclusive peek at his shots of Olko and Conner’s former place. (They moved out of their tiny East Village apartment a few days after their Selby shoot. “We needed a much bigger space,” says Olko, who shares a love of collecting stuff with the rest of the Selby stable.)



  1. shadan says:

    oh i love Madonna on the back wall!

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