August 27 2014

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The Wu Crew Celebrates


Last evening, Jason Wu welcomed guests to a cocktail party thrown in his honor at the Soho Grand Hotel to, dare we say it, inaugurate the season. He’d been doing fittings at his studio all afternoon and had to rush to get there. “I took a gypsy cab over,” said the dapper designer, looking completely unruffled in a gray suit and tie. Joining Wu were Olivia Chantecaille, Tina Chai (pictured here with the designer), and Maggie Betts, women who are not only friends but also faithful clients. The designer explained he hasn’t yet had the chance to speak with his most high-profile client, Michelle Obama, since inauguration night, but he did write the First Lady a note. (It read: “Thank you for supporting American fashion and energizing the American market. What a boost!”) Wu also chatted about his own (slightly Barack-like) background, which wended its way through Taiwan, Vancouver, Connecticut, and Tokyo. “I did not speak a word of English until I was nine,” he said. “I went to boarding school [Loomis Chaffee] with everybody from every country. I never saw cultural differences as anything but the norm. That’s my American experience.”

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan



  1. Valerio says:

    Mr Wu is a charming man and that the first lady wore a dress of him wont give him or the US fashion industry a boost. Okay he hopes so, but is he really understanding what’s going on in the industry, I personally think not. Not even in the States this young designer is as famous as Ralph Lauren or Marc Jacobs or DK, so what do you think about Europe, or the far east and Asia. I only admire his positive thinking about his collection, but a boost because Michelle Obama wore a dress of him, I have my doubts, only because I’ve seen more of him and was not so fond of his designs. But that’s a personal opinion, have all a wonderfull weekend, arriverderci

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