August 30 2014

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Tim Blanks Remembers A Cherished Colleague


Luis Fernandes was my cameraman when I made videos, first for Fashion File, and later for We worked together for 12 years, and in that time we went to some pretty extreme places: favelas in Rio, casbahs in Morocco, as well as the usual stops on the fashion circuit. Among the “Obsessives” episodes he filmed for, Luis’ favorite was Carlo Brandell’s “keepie-uppie.” He was a rabid football fan, a right proper Portugeezer.

I was looking forward to seeing him in Milan this week, as usual. Instead, I was at Heathrow on Thursday when I got a call from one of his business partners telling me Luis died on Monday during an emergency operation on his heart. Another operation—he’d already weathered a handful of major procedures, including a quadruple bypass in his twenties. The news has flattened the photographers in Milan. Luis was one of the most popular people in “the pit,” obliging, calm, considerate, cool-headed while all around him chaos reigned. He was also hellaciously cute, with his gold tooth and wicked grin. I imagine there’ll be a lot of disconsolate p.r. girls around Milan as the news spreads.

Everyone who knew Luis is saddened, of course. He was 36, so he had a lot more living
to do. Still, he definitely made the most of the time he had. There are videos that prove so. That should be his living legacy for the rest of us.




  1. cmlala says:

    Luis Fernandes is someone that it seems unbearable to refer to in the past tense. He had everything to live for – he had def only fallen in love with about half of my friends so far… From when he fell through the pit at Fendi, to when you bumped into him backstage, to the season they spent in corsets (idiots), to when I worked with him my first season in London, he was the kindest, coolest cameraman.
    He was one of the gang, and as Tim said utterly unfazed by all the fashion divas and dramas. To say good bye is always impossible. I will miss him and his hugs backstage very much. My thoughts go out to his close friends and family. Camilla Morton

  2. magdolna says:

    What a joy it was to work with Luis. In the high pressure world of fashion shows, he had a playful yet professional attitude that made a producer’s workload so much lighter…he was that rare gem : an artistic eye without the attitude…
    my condolences to the family and to his dear friends .
    Madeleine Czigler

  3. dobiasg says:

    My heart breaks over the loss of Luis. He was my guardian angle covering the shows, charming his way to always get us the best possible access – from the fiercest security guards to the most competitive photograhers pits. He loved his work and everybody, without exception, loved him back. It was’t just his gold-tooth smile that lit up our world – it was his heart and soul which I will forever miss. Gillian Dobias

  4. berezinas says:

    My heart is broken (one of the many I’m sure). Having missed a drink with him because of yet another late running show, I mourn the untimely death of a great, talented person with a heart (and tooth) of gold. I will always remember the way he would hold my hand to his fake heart and laugh and joke with me whilst my nerves rendered me immobile. He was also for sure, the politest cameraman you were ever to meet! Rest in peace my dear Luis – thoughts and prayers to friends and family. x Stephanie

  5. gvrfernandes says:

    My boy was my joy. Life will never be the same for all of us. Tuesday 10th March at 1pm we will say goodbye.

    – Luis dad

  6. Melanieash says:

    I am so saddened to hear this news. I worked with Luis on Bedsitcom, and only the other day I was telling a friend about him (an anecdote about how utterly charming and gorgeous he was) – not realising he had passed away. I had not spoken to him or seen him in years but he was lovely and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends – Melanie Ash

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