August 31 2014

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Tom Scott Faces His Fears


2007 Ecco Domani winner Tom Scott challenged himself to step out of his comfort zone for Fall and work with elements he’s, well, just not that into. Titled “Things I Don’t Like,” Scott’s presentation featured plenty of embellishments, and color, plus stand-ins for fur, something he’s definitely not a fan of; the result was a tight, well-conceived collection with inevitable elements of kitsch. Chic kitsch. Scott also drew inspiration from ’70s textile arts, and for the first time ever, he introduced home items. “It’s always important to challenge yourself and take a new path. It makes it much more interesting,” he pointed out. “I thought making it a bit kitschy and camp would be a strong balance for the clothes.” That said, the vintage fifties mannequins Scott corralled from Queens for the presentation—with monikers like Shirley, Priscilla, and Cecily, to name a few—were posed throughout the space. Patient, glazed expressions on their faces led us to believe they weren’t quite sure why they were there, but just as happy to be. And so were we.

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