July 29 2014

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Krystof Strozyna and Emilio de la Morena don’t have much in common, fashion-wise, but that didn’t stop the two designers from sharing a runway Sunday afternoon. The off-schedule London fashion week show saw Strozyna, a native of Poland, kick off proceedings with a series of looks wound graphically with string and studded with small metal balls; de la Morena, who is Spanish, followed up with body-con looks that seemed fit for future Mods. After their shows, the two designers opened up—separately—
about their influences. Strozyna, a Fashion East alum and buzz name in U.K. fashion circles, noted that he was trying to draw in some influences this season. “I wanted to expose the structure of the garment,” he explained. “But I didn’t just want to use paneling. The string idea came from African art, and the metal balls from piercings.” If Strozyna’s collection had a graphic, skeletal quality, de la Morena’s looks were graphically sculptural. “I was looking at the work of the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida,” said de la Morena, whose clothes have been worn by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss. “My background is sculpture, and so I wanted to see if there was a way to interpret his use of metal volumes. But the colors are very me,” he added. “Brights for winter. I like some pop.”

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