August 22 2014

styledotcom This Melbourne brand is a cool, quirky mix of J.Crew and Marni:

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We’ve Got (Some Kind Of Cool) Mail


It’s good to see that creative inspiration hasn’t slid into an abyss with the economy. Shining out from the growing pile of fashion show invites on my desk is a whimsical Mylar balloon from Slow and Steady Wins the Race and a rather more prosaic oven mitt from Betsey Johnson. One of this season’s more collectible invitations promises to be that from Lewis and Ashley Jeanne. Like Abigail Lorick, who last season cornered the market on used copies of Virginia Woolf paperbacks, Alison Lewis and Ashley Granata scoured eBay and vintage stores all over the country for old scarves, which they then spent a day silk-screening. (That’s mine pictured here.) “It feels like we’re in college again,” reported a paint-splattered Lewis. “It’s awesome.”

Photo: Nicola Kast



  1. RaleighFashionista says:

    Oh my goodness! I would kill for one of those one-of-a-kind invites! Love love love them…

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