August 23 2014

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Yea, Nay, or Eh: Gwyneth in Versace


Is there a better advert for trainer Tracy Anderson than the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow’s go-to silhouette for almost a year has a skyscraping hem? That was the case again last night at the Grammys, where Gwynnie introduced Radiohead in a spangly little Versace number from Spring 2009. (It was look 25 on Natasha Poly.) What’s the verdict? Well, she clearly hasn’t slacked off the training sessions (perhaps bolstered by the oddly intriguing GOOP cleanse). We do, however, have a bone to pick with the addition of silver-gray tights and silver shoes. Yes, the Grammys require a bit more flash than other red-carpet events, but we’re going to have to judge this as metallica overload. Also, no matter how fantastic your legs look, shiny tights rarely do them any favors. Let us know if you agree below.

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Wireimage



  1. davidanna says:

    Mmmmhhh! Delicious! Remember those shimmering tights at Balenciaga’s Spring show? Gwynnie goes disco – and we love it!

  2. ahirabay says:

    Love the dress, but the tights make her look more Teen Vogue than Vogue. Agreed: A different color shoe is also necessary.

  3. tarrington says:

    I absolutely love Gwyneth, but I have to agree.. this is definitely metalic overload!!

  4. georginacookie says:

    totally agree, tights and shoes too much and also too many shades different of gray. I do love the contrast of her not too done hair and make up with the dress.

  5. shirjuli says:

    I liked the outfit better when she had the sweater on over it…it balanced it out a little.

  6. Valerio says:

    I wont say this is a metallic overload, it’s an overload of selfconfidence that she can wear this kind of pieces of whatever designer. But knowing celebs and especially their stylists, she looks still modest in this dress. Nothing heartbreaking or to say WOOOW about it, she could be the ordinary girl next door to where you living and spent a night out with her bf. I’m sorry but this is my humble opinion. It’s a mess, If it is Versace, Valentino or whatever designer. She has to pick up the right stylist, better would be, she makes her own choices in the clothing department. Arriverderci

  7. fashionistachica says:

    The dress would’ve worked better on some up and coming it-girl with a pair of 20-something year old legs. A woman as poised and accomplished as Gwyneth should not be parading around in mini-metallic (especially not when combined with enough metallic to make your head spin). I do agree, however, that the sweater she had on before gave it a more chic, mature air. Better luck next time Gwyn!

  8. sophierose22 says:

    Tooooooooo much silver, would have been better just a suggestion of silver rather than “The Tin Man”. she looks beautiful anyway!

  9. Fashionisto360 says:

    she looks Gwyneth

  10. titousmum says:

    Nay- way, agreed! Check it out on Natasha-gorgeous, classy . She winds up pulling off what you would have expected or hoped that Gwynnie would have looked like this in. I’m not quite sure she knows how to dress for the Grammy’s ,actually. She assumes she gets to play a “wild card” there and try something,but -hate to say- she’s got a look- best to stick with it- and sporting silvery tights are not part of it! egads,Gwynnie!

  11. SeasonfiveStyle says:

    I kind of like the way she has been pushing the fashion envelope these days. Not a fan of the tights – but a bad statement is better than no statement. She still looks pretty hot.

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