August 20 2014

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Anya Hindmarch Wants To Make You Sweat


Fashion events usually involve caloric intake whether via Champagne or tiny yet deadly versions of comfort food. But it was quite the opposite last night at Anya Hindmarch’s Meatpacking District studio, where a small but brave and be-legginged group, including Poppy Delevingne and Gossip Girl Nicole Fiscella—all wearing the cute racer-back tank pictured here—gathered for Anya’s Gym Class. It’s the stateside extension of the weekly Pilates classes that the accessories designer offers her London staff as a life-balancing perk. The session was led by trainer Lacey Stone, who teaches at Equinox and also offers an intensive four-week Booty Camp. The highly motivational Stone is like the gym teacher who might have had you not forging doctor’s notes, enthusiastically doling out high-fives while turning your legs into petrified wood through jumping squats, shuffle sprints, and other means of torture, er, exercise. All survived and, dare I say, had fun. The deceptively delicate-looking Fiscella impressively won the push-up challenge, with 20 real push-ups and 25 girly ones. Afterward, the glistening and glowing group sat down with Nu-Train founder Heather Bauer and her team, who offered advice on what to eat at some of your favorite restaurants. At the Waverly Inn that included whole steamed artichoke and salmon fillet, both without butter. Hmm…perhaps it’s worth trading a session with Stone for the macaroni.

Photo: Corrie Vierregger

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