August 29 2014

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Blasblog from Paris: All Roads Lead to Montana


When we say that André has the lock on Paris nightlife, we make no exaggeration. Last night I logged in time at three of his clubs: Régine’s, Le Baron, and Le Montana. That last one is his newest edition and last night, André revealed the site’s storied history (Purple magazine’s blowout being the latest notch in its bedpost). Before it was a sixties and seventies hotspot, Le Montana served as a thirties-era communist hangout; and before transforming into its latest bejeweled iteration, it was a loud-and-proud gay club in the eighties. As André scanned the crowd—which included Olympia Scarry, Angela Lindvall, and Milla Jovovich with their adoring male best friends—he smiled. “Some things never change,” he said. “But we could use more communists.”

Illustration: Vincent Darré

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