August 21 2014

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Blasblog From Paris: Erin Wasson Makes A (Brief) Return To The Runway


Erin Wasson, the Texas supermodel and current Maybelline spokesperson, is cleverly building a brand for herself. After dabbling backstage for a few seasons, doing a body jewelry collection, and launching her clothing line with RVCA, the one-time model is nearly ubiquitous. Which brings us to Paris. Lest we forget Wasson was first a household name (well, in really fashionable houses, anyway) for actually modeling, her turn in yesterday’s Balmain show—which she closed—was a timely reminder of her humble catwalk beginnings. At the Purple magazine dinner that evening, she divulged she would be making one other strut while in Paris: the Isabel Marant show. “I wanted to get in, and I wanted to get out,” she said. “So I’m launching my collection here on Saturday, and then getting out of town.” Not only does she not miss the panic of a week of shows, but she’ll be heading back to Texas for the SXSW music festival, which she says is like an annual homecoming. Returning to the runway wasn’t that hard, she admitted. “I’ve been to a few shows now, and I still feel weird not being backstage,” she sighed. “Especially at Alex [Wang]’s show. They had Hooters hot wings back there.”

Photo: Marcio Madeira

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