August 29 2014

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Blasblog From Paris: PETA Update


Yesterday we reported on PETA’s revamped protesting efforts, and later that day we learned the zealous, anti-fur crusaders crossed what many may consider a different kind of moral line when the ripped off the sleeve of Carine Roitfeld‘s Balenciaga gown outside Jean Paul Gaultier (her lilac, goat fur coat was the intended target, presumably). Afterward, at the Ritz bar, the French editor remained unruffled. “I am a fashion martyr now,” she cooed.



  1. robertu says:

    Wow–the PETA Army has officially lost control.

    I suspect that the reason the French editor was unruffled after the incident is that she, like most of us have a hard time taking PETA seriously anymore.

    Step back and re-think your strategy, PETA.

    Suggestion: Treat your fellow human beings ethically and with respect–and maybe we’ll start listening again.

  2. alexi1 says:

    I think it is really sad that while so many make the brazen effort to bring attention to a good cause, the useless abuse of animals, people of true power still shrug their shoulders and continue to fashion one of the most primitive clothings in the world. Shame on those members of the fashion community for continuing to glamourize fur in a weak attempt to glamourize themselves.

  3. alexi1 says:


    Also, after reading your comment, I fully agree with you that PETA has in the past taken things too far. But let’s look at the real problem: once a peacefully neutral organization, PETA has been forced to step up their protests throughout the past decade, since unfortunately most of the progres to protect innocent animals has only been accomplished through these large protests. If you do not want PETA to take this much force and action, let’s have everyone please step up themselves and put pressure on the fashion community to end the use of fur.
    You can only pont out flaws in others’ efforts so long, before you must try and help out yourself.

  4. beagy says:

    its one thing to believe that people should not wear fur and its another thing to deface property, threaten, and use any type of physical force to get your message across!! What someone wears or does with their body is their business and should be respected as such!
    I suppose you also believe that if someone should be of a certain sexual orientation, others have the right to hold protests outside of their home & throw things at them to get a message across to??
    Maybe if PETA used more civil /sane methods to get their message across – more people would listen…

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