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Blasblog From Paris: Thierry Mugler Throws A Party


Rosemary Rodriguez, the new creative director at Thierry Mugler, told me she knows how to do two things: work from an archive, and host a good presentation. The latter was why she decided to show her first full collection for the label during a three hour, Champagne-filled preview-slash-party Friday night instead of a fashion editor’s more traditional daytime affair. “It’s more important to have fun and enjoy yourself,” Rodriguez explained. “This is fashion, after all.” A little late in the cocktail hour she took me back to her studio, where she keeps her favorite pieces from the archives—standouts included a one-shoulder multicolored striped jumpsuit and a draped, cut-down-to-there dress. “What’s important is not to just remake these pieces,” she said. “What I do is to take a mental image of the piece, and then bring out the good points. The trick is to make a collage of those elements and what is now.” Hence, her collections of pointy-shoulder velvet jackets and handwoven tassel-fringe dresses. Besides, Rodriguez added, “It’s very simple to just remake something that’s already been done. But if you want that, just go buy vintage.”

Photo: Max Montingelli / SGP



  1. Emma59 says:

    Very pretty dresses!! I would love to have seen the other outfits at that party!

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