August 22 2014

styledotcom Headed to Martha's Vineyard? Our market director @rachaelxwang rounds up the essentials:

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Corto Moltedo Wants You To Put Your Money In Daft Punk


Corto Moltedo may have bags in the blood, but it’s music that gets it flowing. The scion of the Bottega Veneta clan launched his eponymous handbag brand five years ago, and in recent seasons, fans may have detected a musical theme emerging—this Spring, for example, Moltedo introduced the much-photographed “Cassette” bags, large and small clutches clasped with a piece of hardware that looks like an old cassette tape. And now he’s named his Fall collection after Daft Punk. “I’m not sure why Daft Punk, because the bags are actually very rock,” explains Moltedo of his new collection, on view this week at his boutique in the Palais Royal. “Black, lots of black, some glitter in the finishes, leopard prints…”I don’t know,” he concludes. “I guess Daft Punk does use guitars.” Although Moltedo will be continuing to offer his “Cassette” styles—after all, he notes, why stop a good thing in its (er) tracks?—the Daft Punk’s signature clasp is a bit more abstracted: mélanges of crystal, Plexi, and stone that Moltedo describes as having a “kryptonite feel.” But that’s one fantastic element in a collection that the designer says was primarily inspired by his late encounters with reality. “I opened the boutique in January,” he notes, “and it’s really changed my whole approach to creating a collection. Before, I was designing for an imaginary woman. Now, I get to see my shoppers walking down the street.” And apparently, they rock.

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