August 29 2014

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Diana Broussard’s New Underpinnings


After Diana Broussard designed her debut lingerie collection, DB Intimo, someone told her that in times of recession people engage more frequently in, um, intimate relations. Be that as it may, the new collection is sure to cause some sort of chemical reaction when it hits stores in July—even if it’s just the signal to pass over your credit card.

Photo: Oscar Correcher / Courtesy of Diana Broussard



  1. jadedressler says:

    Go Diana! These are lovely and so are you! Jade

  2. navanod says:


  3. swa7f0 says:

    You did it again, Sis! These are terrific and I know they will be a winner!—Susan Broussard Wainner

  4. coco2011 says:

    A true rip off

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