August 23 2014

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Fleet Ilya’s Sexy Restraint


Warning: The following post may not be suitable for children. Husband-and-wife team Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma are the minds behind accessories label Fleet Ilya, and for the most part, the goods they design are decently PG. But perhaps you may detect a touch of the perverse in the Fall ’09 Fleet Ilya collection’s deployment of PVC, which is worked like leather. Perhaps you may also find an almost untoward sensuousness in the sinuous lines of the Fleet Ilya belts. But just wait. Fleet and Sharma’s line comprises three ranges—a Classic range, which as of Fall ’09 focuses on accessories for men; a Concept range of daredevil styles for women; and Restraint. “That’s the one we sell at Coco de Mer and Kiki de Montparnasse,” explained Sharma, a bit coyly, as she tended the Fleet Ilya exhibit at London fashion week. “Our kinky stuff.” As she went on to explain, the “kinky stuff” launched Fleet Ilya in 2006 and earned the brand fast fans among London stylists and style icons such as Sienna Miller. But her husband didn’t always make harnesses for bedroom use. “He trained as a saddlemaker, actually,” she noted. That experience comes to the fore in the Fall ’09 Fleet Ilya belts from the Concept range—sculptured leather with a saddlelike feel and design. Heigh-ho, indeed.

Photo: Courtesy of Fleet Ilya

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