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Her Name Is Rio


When Caroline Trentini, the long-limbed, freckle-faced catwalker, was forced to choose between yet another runway season or a major role in Carnaval in her native Brazil this February, she chose the latter. (Who says models aren’t brainy?) In between costume fittings and samba rehearsals, Trentini is also studying for her GED—the girl deserves a break, after all. Now 21, Trentini debuted in New York at the tender age of 16 and has been hard at work ever since. Giving back isn’t a pose for the Carlos Miele cover girl: Two seasons ago she donated her New York and Paris fashion week earnings to her favorite charity, the Center of Support of Underprivileged Children With Cancer. Trentini might be a giver, but her agent is a keeper—of secrets that is. What’s next for the beautiful Brazilian? “An exclusive appearance somewhere VERY SOON which she is very excited about…,” he told us via e-mail. But that’s all he wrote.

Photo: Fabio Bartlet



  1. milabarros says:

    I trully believe that this is a great example of a model doing something tthat makes the difference! She┬┤s also amazing!
    Wherever she is!!!!!

  2. davidsouza says:

    WOW, she looks AMAZING, she was greatly missed at the shows but im sure she has many more show seasons ahead of her. This girl is a star, Fashion really needs more girls like this.

  3. mercuryloge says:

    ms. trentini has an unusual classic but dramatic beauty – she is one of my (many) faves, arguably one of the most beautiful- she does few shows but she is always a centerpiece – a fave of the great mr galliano

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