August 20 2014

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Jason Wu’s Postcard From London


My week started off with a trip to London to attend a dinner hosted in my honor by Natalie Massenet and Net-a-Porter. I haven’t been to London in quite some time and was looking forward to going back. After flying overnight from New York, I was taken to Blakes, where I would be staying. I was struck by the eclectic decor; each room is an “environment” and one of a kind. I heard that Mickey Rourke frequented the hotel and wondered if I’d run into him. I loved The Wrestler! After settling in, I headed to the Net-a-Porter headquarters on the top level of the historical Whiteleys Centre, but not before spotting a waffle stand downstairs and indulging in a Nutella-covered slice—delicious. In addition to meeting many British press throughout the day, we launched my first exclusive dress for Net-a-Porter, an embroidered silk sheath done in citron and cream. I was glad to hear that the shipment had just arrived from New York, and that many dresses sold in the hours after it went live. It was back to Blakes for dinner. The restaurant is lovingly decorated in East-meets-West style but with a distinct spin by its owner/designer Anouska Hempel. A fabulous group of editors and Net-a-Porter faithfuls including Lisa Armstrong,’s Sarah Mower, Jane Bruton, Calgary Avansino, Pippa Holt, Fi Rubie, Lucy Yeomans, and Sam Conti attended and many came wearing my designs—what a lovely surprise! The next morning, before heading back to New York, I took Natalie’s advice and stopped by Notting Hill on my way to the airport to visit one of her favorite vintage shops, One. The store is a fantastic little jewel box filled with vintage treasures. I spotted a thirties beaded gown that was so fabulous; I definitely left inspired. Heading down the street I spotted Sarah Lerfel from Colette. What a coincidence! We caught up briefly before I stopped by Julie’s for a little lunch, where they serve very English dishes such as cottage pie, and Julie herself took our orders. I was happy to have a few moments to take in the city before I wrapped up my 24-hour jaunt.

Photo: Courtesy of Jason Wu



  1. Valerio says:

    I’m sorry editors of Style File, but was has this to do with Fashion. I don’t want to hear about the diary of Jason Wu or any other designer, I want to hear about the latest style/trends . I don’t care at all about what a Mr. Wu did in London, that’s more for the gossip mags. In my opinion this is only to promote him, but every designer has his or hers admirers. And to be honest I don’t like him, sorry to say. Arriverderci and I hope I havent hurt him to bad with my comment.

  2. texmex says:

    I love Jason Wu. It was great hearing about his London trip. I will be going to London this summer and will definately check out some of the hot spots he mentioned. Keep up the blogs!

  3. aliasunknown says:

    As a defense to Jason…
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this 24 hour “jaunt” will sneak into one of his designs later on. As someone who was his boyfriend for less than 1.5 years, and knowing how he works privately and publicly…, maybe the things he observed, undoubtedly more than he wrote, and decides to put in whatever collection, will be the newest style/trend… to be.

    Don’t doubt, even if you don’t like his clothes, that other designers you do like will have some of his influence snuck in. He will be a catalyst of trend and style for a long while.

  4. Valerio says:

    My dear aliasunknown, what a beautifull way to defend him. Lets make one thing clear I repect him as a designer that doesn’t mean that I have to like his designs. And about influence other designers I wrote several times before that actually every designer they are not only influenced by each other but also what they see in whatever City around the world if it is NYC or London or even Timboektoe. So in this I have to agree with you. Have a nice weekend, arriverderci

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