August 23 2014

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Just When You Thought It Was Over: L.A. Fashion Week Starts Now


While this season’s runway offerings in L.A. may feel a little disjointed (it’s the first time IMG isn’t sponsoring the shows, leaving things a bit ad hoc), the West Coast style capital still has plenty on its agenda in the days to come. Trovata’s launch at Apartment Number 9 may have been the week’s kick-off party, but tonight’s Gen Art show at the Los Angeles Theatre makes up for some missing cohesion on the runway. Here are three acts we’re looking forward to.

A little bit Victorian, a little bit goth, one-time Rick Owens student Maya Yogev’s three-year-old line emerged from the conceit of creating the perfect coat. The results are sophisticated—think draped leather jackets with intricate seams and contours (no surprise from an Owens alum) and unadorned, second-skin separates in an easy-on-the-eye palette of grays, blacks, and whites.
Raquel Allegra

Best known for her recycled T-shirts from the L.A. County jail—popular with law-abiding starlets like Anne Hathaway, Milla Jovovich, and Penélope Cruz—designer Raquel Allegra envisions a lifestyle collection beyond her shredded and tie-dyed trademark tops. Tonight, look for hand-dyed leather pants and leggings; shoes and accessories are up next.
Society For Rational Dress

After launching an exclusive capsule collection at Barneys last month, Corinne Grassini is thinking brick-and-mortar. Her appointment-only boutique, The Reserve, opens tomorrow in downtown L.A, and tonight’s runway show will feature looks from her Fall collection as well as one-of-a-kind pieces from the eco-minded store. Tees and dresses made from leftover fabrics and materials start at $50, and higher-end pieces, like those with Grassini’s signature harness detailing, will also be in stock.



Photo: Gabriel Bouys / AFP / Getty Images




  1. Valerio says:

    Dear Jayne what has L.A what others don’t have, it’s more of the same. The only reason why I look to a L.A. or whatever show around this world is you find sometimes a marvelous design. But I have to say most of the time it doesn’t work. At least not for me, copying the masters like there are Lagerfeld, Galliano etc. Further none heartbreaking designs, it’s on their homemarket maybe a big issue but not in Europe and I dare to say also not in the States. It’s always interesting to see what designers out of Europe or the States shows us, but it’s more designed for the local people then for the international market. Sorry that I say this. Be sure that I will follow the L.A. fashion week and maybe I change my mind this time. Arriverderci

  2. Emma59 says:

    Can’t wait for another fashion week. I think there will be ALOT of stars at this one, since it is close to home for them.
    I am sad that Paris Fashion Week has wrapped up but also happy there will be fashion shows only an hour away from my house! Thnaks for the update!

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