September 3 2014

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League Of Extraordinary Handbags


At last night’s party for less-than-a-year-old bespoke label The Gentlemen’s League at Noho boutique Début, fans old and new came through to check out the über-personalized canvas bags hand-decorated by portraitist and graphic designer Adam Razak. An old fan was spotted with a heavily embellished carryall covered in fauna (which, at $10,000, Razak later told us, was the line’s priciest creation to date), while new fans contemplated what they would choose for their own bags—medieval weaponry, a portrait of a loved one (popular among the League’s L.A. clientele), or, perhaps, just a simple monogram? Razak and partner Seth Stevens work out of a studio in Chelsea, and the beauty of their bags is that they can be whatever the wearer wants them to be. Starting at $2,500, prices are calculated by hours worked, and bags are delivered, after a series of one-on-one meetings with the designers, in two weeks to a month. Zaldy and Celerie Kemble both have Gentlemen’s totes—which says something about the line’s reach—and last night’s party generated plenty of buzz. For now the designs are rendered in shades of black, indelible ink (the bags are sprayed with a protective layer to ensure nothing budges), but Razak hasn’t ruled out the possibility of color in the future. “We have to give them something to look forward to,” the new businessman said sagely.

Photo: Courtesy of The Gentlemen’s League



  1. Aivlys says:

    I love the canvas look, but the price? Nice to know there are more affordable alternatives to a “greener” bag, like those from the ZH Collection, which is debuting March 26th at The Dressing Room Boutique & Bar on the lower east side.

  2. dartok says:

    Yea, is a kewl bag but who’s going to buy a $10,000 bag these days. Zh collection is pretty cool!

  3. Emma59 says:

    What a winderful looking bag!
    That is a crazy price, but they know some rich person will buy it.

  4. thepopo says:

    The price is beyond laughable.

  5. Valerio says:

    My dear contributors, of course the price is ridiculous, but you get a personal handbag, maid with love. The starting price of $ 2,500 is a little bit to high if you reconsider that the starting price of a Louis Vuitton handbag starts with $500, but I have no doubts that this handbag will sell, especially in Hollywood, Beverly Hills etc. And what this newly business man said – we have to give them something to look forward- I doubt that an average American is looking forward for this kind of expensive articles. Alison have a nice weekend.

  6. cuttingedgeofscience says:

    First and foremost,
    This is what is known as personal luxury. It’s what the market is still lacking in exponentially. Houses have become so detached from their clientele, using celebrities as billboards and charging prices that cover their advertising, rent, and parties. When I first read about the Gentlemen in Vogue/Dec., I was taken back. Doesn’t the idea of a bespoke bag, in America (!) set the heart racing? Now that we no longer have to deal with “it” bags, isn’t it nice to have something that is tailored to not only your preference – but your actual personality. Regarding the prices, I see this up there with an Hermes investment – but you have to look at that from a modern stance. This is a new classic… Look at the line work & art – impeccable. Portable art, how cool is that? Instead of showing off a designer’s preference and taste whom you’ve never met, you actually get to meet the craftsmen/designers and create something that is of your own life. No import taxes, no ad campaigns, no paparazzi shots. I hope others take note of this approach.

    -eric antos.

  7. Takiko says:

    The biggest irony might be that if the celebrity crowd carries this on the red carpet, it would become an “it” bag and be all the other bags. Possible, no?

  8. vladowsky says:

    Oh my girlfriend just bought one of these, but 2500?? I’ll better go ask for a raise..that is her definitely on

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