August 30 2014

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Love At First Sight: ALC’s Asymmetric Leather Jacket


What: A tough-chic jacket with the gentle soul of a cardigan

Why: After spotting this bit of genius on a young designer at the CFDA nominations Monday night, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. (The wearer bought it not knowing that the
label’s mysterious acronym stood for Andrea Lieberman Collection. Speaks volumes, no?) From the celebrity stylist’s debut range, the whisper-thin leather topper is lined with soft jersey and has sweatshirting inserts under the arms, making it the rare combination of super-sleek and super-comfortable. In short: something you’d want to put on everyday—making the price more palatable after you calculate cost per wear.

Where: $1,100. At Barneys New York,, and



  1. 1963 says:

    why is describing this garment as an innovation? This jacket is so blatantly derivative of Rick Owens – it’s no wonder the “designer” is going by an acronym!

  2. tikilik says:

    That’s what I loved about NY Fall 2009 Fashion Week: practical yet chic in this recession.

  3. nnmmpp says:

    HAHA!!! The “Geniuses of Fashion” are at it AGAIN…This is clearly a “RIP” OFF of one of RICK OWENS’ signature styles… I am disgusted that anyone would have the nerve to put their name on the label inside such a clear KNOCK OFF!!! HA…HA…HA!!! Leave it to a former stylist to launch a line knocking off real designers… talk about SPEAKING VOLUMES.

  4. Emma59 says:

    That is a very sleek jacket, and the price is not too high when you think about other jackets on the fashion market. Fashion has done it again! WOW

    my little blog:

  5. Valerio says:

    I can agree with your point of view Meenal, it’s an affordable jacket. And despite that some say it’s an knock off of Rick Owens I like this jacket. To the contributers, be honest about the fact that even designers are influenced by each other and give this young designer a chance to show what he is capable of. I like these upcoming designers more then for example a Kate Moss which really is copying her closet and put her label on it. That are the real knock offs. For now have all a nice weekend, arriverderci

  6. 1963 says:

    Valerio, I sense you are a gentleman. But let’s be real for a moment, the biggest irony is that Rick Owens is probably one of very few designers who actually has a unique vision that he has crafted over many years. To be knocked off is the reality of success, but truthfully, Ms. Lieberman should know better. Meenal’s use of the recession as a flimsy premise that condones a lack of creativity and a reason to live beyond one’s means all in the spirit of amortization is dangerous advice. It just goes to show that no matter what the economic climate is, the fashion business will always have all its necessary players, the designers, the Zaras, Kate Mosses and the Andrea Liebermans…I guess you’re right about one thing, there’s room for everyone.

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