August 27 2014

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Love At First Sight: Jeffrey Monteiro Washed Pique Cotton Dress


What: Body Conservative

Why: A word, ladies. I get Balmain. I get super-short. I get cutouts,
and corsetry, and bondage straps, and body-con in general. The stuff looks awesome on the runway and swell at a party, and there’s a Camille Paglian force to the whole trend, a “use it or lose it” take on sexuality that’s both liberating and provoking. Who hasn’t, at some point or other, wished she could be the woman in a Helmut Newton photo? I’ve wished for that, sure. But now to the qualms. Every time I play around with this look, my mother’s voice comes screaming out of my head: “You’re wearing that?” What I’m saying is, there’s a fine line between sass and crass. Jeffrey Monteiro’s washed pique cotton dress in indigo stays safely on the right side of that line—garden party gamine from the front, it pivots to reveal a winking cutout in the back. And like all the ex-Mayle/ex-Derek Lam designer’s clothes, the dress has a shrugged-on panache that suggests the woman wearing it has no need for flash. I can’t imagine my mother objecting.

Where: $475, at Stuart & Wright, 875 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, and Barneys New York locations.

Photo: Courtesy of Jeffrey Monteiro



  1. sophia_li says:

    i love your design of the waist and chest!

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