April 19 2014

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LP.BG’s Working Muse


What, exactly, does a muse do? According to Lilly Parker, who co-designs new label LP.BG with model and former Richard Nicoll muse Ben Grimes, it’s hard to say. “Ben would be in the studio all the time, saying ‘Yes, no, not like that, no, like this…’” recalls Parker, who met Grimes when she worked as Nicoll’s studio manager. “I think that’s about it, really.” At any rate, Grimes knew what she liked—and she and Parker turned out to like a lot of the same things. “We have a different approach,” says Parker of the design of the London-based LP.BG, which marked its sophomore season with Fall ’09. “I have a big tailoring background, and I’m especially focused on making garments that are really beautifully crafted, like in the way that they’re lined and seamed,” Parker notes, gesturing to a pair of deceptively simple high-waist trousers. But she and Grimes are of one mind when it comes to the inspirations behind their collections. “This season we were really inspired by these photographs of Kurdish women,” explains Parker. “That’s why you see so much belting, and all the quilted fabrics and velvet. But we wanted to bring that together with a seventies sensibility, in terms of tailoring.” To wit: One of the standout pieces from the LP.BG Fall collection, a long-sleeved velvet jumpsuit with a sleek line, a subtle strong shoulder, and an easy drape. “We designed the shoulders to come straight up, so it’s not boxy or eighties at all,” says Parker. Yes, as Grimes might say, like that.

Photo: Courtesy of LP.BG