August 27 2014

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Marc and Lorenzo: Happily Ever After?


The announcement that landed in our inbox last night almost felt like a personal message: “Marc Jacobs Engaged.” (Does this mean we’re on the guest list? What should we wear?) We’re pretty thrilled for the lovey-dovey twosome. Jacobs seems happy, is at the top of his sartorial game, and remains insanely punctual. Additional bonus: No one has any unfortunate I’m-obsessed
that-is-unstable tattoos (ahem, Jason Preston). Did we mention Martone’s a dish? And employed? Give us your love horoscope, Style Filers. Is Marc forever off the market?

Photo: Michael N. Todaro / FilmMagic



  1. thehautecloset says:

    i hate to say it, but i hope they had been talking about getting engaged before Venus went retrograde March 6 . . . not the best time to make a forever commitment involving love.

  2. marvoi says:

    awww, supersweet =]