August 21 2014

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Marni? Nope: H&M.


Few feelings are as delicious as the satisfaction one derives from the Fast-Fashion Fake-Out. The trick to a successful FFF is to wear the cheapie interloper—mine come from H&M, Zara, Target, Gap, or Uniqlo—with expensive things. Specifically, designer shoes and very good knits; they cast a high-end aura that distracts from something with a $39.99 price tag. A bit of forethought helps, too. I’ve got Karl Lagerfeld for H&M pieces that I still wear—and love—and I’ll be stashing items from Matthew Williamson‘s collection when it comes out next month in my closet for future FFF moments. (Particularly the boyish little Yves Klein blue suit. Pieces to be worn separately.) Have you received compliments on your creative combinations? Was it FFF bliss? Tell us your tips for pulling it off—and about your most shining FFF moments.

Photo: Magnus Magnusson



  1. Valerio says:

    You know Meenal I was thinking about the same and I wrote it several times on A mix of expensive clothes and what an ‘average’ person would call a cheaper clothes/pieces can be fantastic. It’s only the combination of how to wear it both and you can be the star of the day. Streetstyle is the most important style, not what we see at the fashion weeks, real style will develop in the streets of NYC and other cities. Oops by the way I’m not an woman I’m an Italian and a lover of the industry, hahaha. Have a nice weekend, arriverderci

  2. moniar says:

    I’ve found that if something fits well, it always looks about twice as expensive as the price tag would have you think. The biggest problem I’ve had with cheap clothing is that it tends to ride up, pull or cling in the wrong places, etc. And of course a pair of good shoes is essential, no matter what the economy is like.

  3. killahbabe says:

    There’s nothing wrong with a $39 price tag on a piece of clothing! Tons of thrifters worldwide would loudly argue on your biaised premise. Zara, H&M, Gap (?) fall in a medium-ranged clothing brand lineup and surely not on the cheap side of the road. The entire point of fashion is supposed to eliminate the consumerist in a true fash-believer. Because fashion is not about quantity, is about quality. Is about knowing how and actually wearing your personality. If your high-end aura comes from four figures price tags, it’s somewhat sad. You could discover, once reaching that four figures price threshold that true distinctiveness comes from a piece of clothing with a six figures price tag.

    But then again, it cold be just my financial-crisis-involved-self speaking…

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