August 22 2014

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Michelle Watch: Back To Thakoon, Another Score For Kors


Of course, the First Lady dressed American as the Obamas boarded Air Force One this morning headed to the G-20 summit in London. Oh, but which Americans?! Her Chanel-esque ensemble of white and black collarless coat and black wool shift is, respectively, from longtime favorite Thakoon and new favorite Michael Kors, who also had the honor of his racer-back gown being immortalized in Mrs. Obama’s official White House portrait. (We couldn’t identify the double-strand pearl necklace with flower pendant, though it certainly rounds out the whole Rue Cambon-via-Seventh Avenue thing she’s got going on.) The coat is a completely off-collection piece created custom by Thakoon Panichgul for the First Lady. While it looks like tweed, it’s actually a silk tulle that’s been flocked to resemble the classic fabric, following in the designer’s penchant for witty, trompe l’oeil materials; the trim is black grosgrain ribbon. We’ve got considerably less information on the Kors sheath, other than that it’s likely made of double-faced wool. (It looks a lot like look four from Fall 2009.) And speaking of faces, are we going to see the first Obama vs. Bruni-Sarkozy fashion face-off? We can only hope.

Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty Images



  1. tulsa1 says:

    bravo carla bruni!

  2. redvanda says:

    Michelle Obama having her own fashion style have created lots of advertisements and publicity for the fashion industry…way the go!!

  3. Caradiaz says:

    Great sense of style and a natural elegance has turned Michelle Obama in a true icon of American fashion.

  4. fonziegee says:

    michelle obama’s style is overrated, she dresses well but.. she’s no Jackie O..

  5. georginacookie says:

    oh no Michelle is looking very “old guard” here. I normally love what she chooses, but the hair and coat are uptight here. Please keep the fresh edge.

  6. DJFATHAJULZ says:

    And when she does meet Carla, she will SLAY her. 10s across the board Michelle!

  7. ImagesbyMagoe says:

    Michelle dresses in what she feels comfortable in and she looks great! Her confidence is from within and makes her total image complete!

  8. shqmur says:

    Lady Diana Spencer is as yet to be surpassed.

  9. weight loss says:

    Michelle Watch: Back To Thakoon, Another Score For Kors | style file | weight loss

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