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Today’s item on “Runway Rookie” Ana Claudia Michels struck us as being a little out of date. Is someone who’s been stomping the catwalk since the turn of this century truly considered a newcomer? Surely, fashion is more fickle than that. Rather than being a nouveau replacement for fellow Brazilian bombshell Gisele, as the piece suggests, Ana Claudia is one of the supe’s contemporaries (the proof is in this shot we found of Michels backstage at Versus circa 2001, rocking clearly nineties hair). We hereby undub Michels any sort of cutting-edge catwalk figure (not that she doesn’t look fab). Who should go in her place? Give us your list of this season’s hottest runway newbies.

Photo: Gauthier Gallet/Shoot Digital for



  1. Emma59 says:

    We should move forward in fashion. the 1990′s is certainly not the way to go.

  2. Paradis says:

    I really love Coco Rocha, but she’s not-so-newcomer too!

  3. marvoi says:

    i’m loving yulia now