August 21 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Overexposure?


First Thom Browne floated the idea of the male ankle as erogenous zone. Then Marc Jacobs took to wearing leg-revealing skorts. “I was just recently fascinated by the whole men-in-skirts controversy of the nineties,” the designer has said. “I got one and I started wearing it and it made me happy, so I bought more. And now I just can’t stop wearing them.” Perez Hilton followed, er, suit, showing up to his birthday party in a utilikilt, and last night at the Dressed to Kilt party in New York, funny man Mike Myers got his plaid on. What are your real feelings on men in kilts? Are you embracing the trend because you heart Marc? Tell us really, does a man in a skirt make you want to dance a jig, or send you running for the highlands?



Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images




  1. ahjui1 says:

    lets not forget Alexander LEE Mcqueen who paired his kilt with a Mickey Mouse tee? That is genius!


  2. kerileanne says:

    as with many things, i think it’s what you wear with it that counts…pairing it with stuff that makes you look like an extra from highlander bad…making it a statement piece in combination with something high/low like a mickey mouse tee, a terrificly luxe jacket or whatever looks modern and on trend good. why not?

  3. surferwife says:

    This is the ugliest look I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe men would actually wear this!!!!!

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