April 19 2014

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Rodnik’s Rock Runway


Last night The Rodnik Band—with help from the White Club, a Milanese association championing emerging talent—treated guests to a multimedia onslaught. Phil Colbert, Rodnik’s main man, pulled off an installation, a cartoon video, a concert—and, oh, yes, a catwalk collection. Colbert’s background is in philosophy, not fashion, so branding, surrealism, and de-contextualization all had supporting roles, too. On the catwalk things were much more straightforward: Bold graphics, borrowed from Warhol, Mondrian, and Duchamp, were applied to a series of fun and wearable silhouettes. The White Club has been busy on the business side of things, too. The Rodnik Band’s next gig is collaborating with Miss Sixty on their menswear line.

Photo: Courtesy of Rodnik