April 21 2014

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Sparkle And Fade: Olivier Theyskens’ (Most Likely) Last Shoes For Nina Ricci


The shoes stole the show at Nina Ricci, where Olivier Theyskens put on what will most likely be his swan song. The towering platforms with itty-bitty heels protruding from behind to help the models keep their balance as they teetered down the long runway made some of the girls look so tall and narrow they could’ve been on stilts. For the record, Antonio Berardi did a similar shoe for Spring 2008, but not in such daredevil proportions, and definitely not in hot pink glitter. What do you think of these babies? If they hit the stores, even in a modified version, would you wear them off-runway?

Photos: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse



  1. RonAguaLeche says:

    omg i bought 3in. chanel oxfords and i cant do a block in them, but omg, if i had the money i would buy them in a heart beat, even if only to sit around in them!

  2. lindaasaf says:

    To each her own and I respect the other person’s comment but to me they look like a caricature. It’s one of those examples where the pendulum has swung about as far out as it can and then fashion starts cycling in the other direction. Love the fabrics though!

  3. gumbijusti says:

    in a heartbeat! so modern, definitely an attention grabber. great for entertainment, fun to look at and I’m pretty sure we’re going to see a couple pop stars wearing those. the new heal is no heal! only concern would be saftey…

  4. anisenior says:

    wowwww… they are soooo high… i would rock them, though!!!

  5. denisekuan says:

    saving up money to buy them now…

    I will add them to my collection of “shoes that I cannot drive in but will turn heads in”

  6. vintagefanatic says:

    Those are amazing and I hope that they will be produced commercially.

  7. Rosallind says:

    I think they’re obviously made for show purposes, but that deosn’t exclude one could buy a pair as a collectors item!The front part is very similar to the Vivienne Westwood platform and so I guess they’re not entirely new.The only thing that bothers me are all these “young” Designers pretending they invent something! No one can invent anything anymore, just re-imterpret at the most! Check out this site
    which unfortunately is only in spanish, but you’ll find out that that type of heel was created back in the late 50′s by a Mexican shoe designer called Miguel Nieto. The fabulous late queen of Salsa Celia Cruz,discovered Mr. Nieto’s shoes whilst walking down Mexico’s city streets in 1960. It was called “The air heel platform” By the way very similar to what Mark Jacobs did I guess a couple of seasons ago and Alexander McQueen as well. She sported many of his creations, some even 8 to 9 inches high! So as they say, what else is new?

  8. victoriousv says:

    with a modified thinner platform – YES.

  9. Signature says:

    Of course!
    Especially the black ones in the top right hand corner…LOVE!

  10. Vinsent_Vadaken says:

    How can I buy those shoes..?

    I need those shoes. I’ve been searching everywhere to figure out how to buy them..I have no idea.. point me in the right direction please