August 20 2014

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Thread Social’s Forget-Me-Not


“We wanted to remind everyone that we’re still here. We haven’t gone out of business,” said Beth Blake at Thread Social’s “Sip and See” last night, hosted at her enviably airy Tribeca apartment. Editors and friends like Chanel‘s Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton mingled and ogled the new Fall collection while a tuxedoed pianist tickled Blake’s baby grand. Blake explained the season’s mood: a young lass pirating her elegant mother’s evening ensembles. Mrs., let’s say, Waldorf might have Thread Social’s boxy, striped radzimir coat stowed away, but a digital-print blouse and a cute little navy skirt with asymmetric flat ruffles? That’s all Blair. Blake and Melissa Drayer underlined the playing-dress-up theme with flat, oversize geometric jewels and shoe clips, a collaboration with accessories designer Meredith German, who recently launched her own line. Consider our memories jogged. Insert Thread-tied-around-finger joke here.



Photo: Courtesy of Thread Social




  1. bclearlake says:

    The digital print is clever. It puts a modern twist on a classic style.

  2. Valerio says:

    The digital print on the dress you showed us is hurting my eyes. It’s unnatural and not flattering for any woman which will wear this dress. And my dear bclearlake where did you see a classic style, anyway not in this design I assume. Arriverderci

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