August 31 2014

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What Will Woody Say?


“There is a tiny bit of Marilyn Monroe in her zaftig humidity,” Woody Allen has said of ScarJo. But for how long?

Page Six reports today that the currently brunette star is on a “rigid diet.” Will the bespectacled director still find a thin Johansson “criminally sexy”? Will you?

Photo: Tim Whitby / Getty Images



  1. shirjuli says:

    Why would actress, who is appreciated for being curvacious and beautiful, try to look like every other person in Hollywood?

  2. Valerio says:

    First of all to thin or skinny woman are never attractive for the opposite, thus man. What she is doing ‘with her body’ is now these days a general attitude in Hollywood or wherever in the movie/film industry. I think they have an responsibility to other girls/young woman. Just as some models, they are an example for them. The growing numbers of youg woman or girls with anorexia is a fact and that all because they (actresses, models) starve themself to dead. If you have curves show them be proud on your body, and don’t act like a sheep. Arriverderci

  3. robertvoltaire says:

    She is a classic beauty!