August 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Rossy De Palma


It’s been years since Karl Lagerfeld gave up his eighteenth-century accoutrements (including his once ubiquitous fan) in favor of Dior Homme, Chrome Hearts, and Baptiste Giabiconi (Brad Koenig is out, as The Cut reports). Rossy de Palma either didn’t get the memo or doesn’t care. Pedro Almodóvar’s pet was working a Paloma Picasso-meets-the-Kaiser look at the presentation of Louis Vuitton’s hand fan collection (huh?!) in Madrid last night. Does her look set you flapping or clapping?

Photo: Fotonoticias / WireImage



  1. countthezeros says:

    Flapping, definitely. Eesh.

  2. slandes says:

    This is about Kimora….You bug me…Get real girl!!! You think you are some diva!!! Not!!!! Be real!!! Be a role model not just about yourself. I am doing this b/c I am seeing your show and you act like a spoiled brat!! Why don’t you go visit the tent cities in California I bet they would love just to have one of your Louis!!!! Who gives about your stupid dress!!!! Channel has been changed!!! When you where the dress!!! cheap cheap cheap!!! Can not take hearing this stupidity and you making money being stupid!!!!

  3. slandes says:

    To actually leave a comment about this article….come on she looks like a man!!! And we are not going to go around with a fan?

  4. Valerio says:

    Slandes, it’s a bad taste what she wear, but overall she makes money with her stupidity. There are more ‘famous’ people which actually have nothing to tell or to contribute to society, but the ‘ordinary’ peple adores them. You’re right she looks like a man, and the pic isn’t flattering for her or is it a he? So I agree it’s flapping.

  5. delarosa says:

    She looks great! She is a REAL SPANISH DIVA. Something you Gringos never will get! OLE!

  6. delarosa says:

    She looks great. She is a REAL SPANISH DIVA! Something you Gringos will never get. OLE!

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