September 2 2014

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A Stange Day In London


In London yesterday, amid frenzied G-20 protests, road closures, and Michelle Obama and the Queen hugging (abandoning centuries of protocol—no one touches the Queen), madness was the theme of the day. And it continued into the night as Iekeliene Stange, she of the razor-cut cheekbones and the newly platinum hair, and her BFF, Dutch stylist Victor de Bie, exhibited their work at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury—aptly named, seeing as that in the 1800′s the art studio stabled cabbie’s sick horses. Strains of quasi-disturbing Dutch children’s folk songs, de Bie’s Dalí-esque paintings, Stange’s bleak Polaroids, vacant-looking Dutch dolls, and a disorganized spread of homemade cakes and tea set the oddly hallucinatory scene. The exhibit was called Umfeld, which de Bie explained means “surroundings” in Dutch: “We are trying to show the atmosphere of what it was like for us growing up. It was a surreal life, so it’s perfect that tonight has that chaotic kind of feel—we could not have scripted it better.”



Photo: Courtesy of Ikeliene Stange




  1. mercuryloge says:

    ms stange is spectacular – her turns two lanvin shows ago were unspeakable – she and ms. vilkeviciute hold the laurels for friendly charm

  2. Appollonia says:

    Umfeld is Dutch? Umfeld is German for “environment”! Now I wonder which surreal children songs they played. Edelweiss?

    Nevertheless I like Iekeliene a lot.

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