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Are You Ready For The Return Of The Novelty Sweater?


Designers’ fascination with the eighties is taking many forms, some obvious, others less so. The Krizia animal sweater may be a rare breed that’s unfamiliar to all but the most devoted collector, but it’s a look that resonated for Fall. For more than 20 years, Mariuccia Mandelli selected a different critter to feature in her collection; in 1981, it was a cat. This season, wild ones roared their way down the runways at Eley Kishimoto and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, while domesticated felines purred at Paul & Joe and Zero + Maria Cornejo. Even Miuccia Prada got into the act at Miu Miu, where the graphic pattern of a dress evoked tiger skin. Click for a slideshow, then let us know if you’ll be adopting the trend.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. laurawexy says:

    No I’m not!!!!
    The remnants of these sweaters are only just starting to leave the wardrobes of stuck-in-the-80s housewives across America. Do we really want to bring them back so that we can face another 20-30 years of animal (print) abuse?

  2. msmarisa says:

    absolutely NOT. just made my mom burn the remnants of her “novelty” sweaters last year! this trend is SO not happening.

  3. CharlieGirl says:

    I will. As a matter of fact I already am. :-) See image here

  4. amt369 says:

    ok so we’re brought back spandex, which i must admit i own the occasional pair of leggings but now this?. This is sooooo not ok, the designs plaguing these clothes will be sure to cause a headache for anyone passing by.

  5. emilyswann says:

    I have a tiger printed t-shirt that I team with jeans for an ironic, Jennifer Herrema kind of feel.

    It’s one thing to use a bit of animal inspiration. It’s another thing entirely to go down the glittery, fancy knit, armpits coming out of your hips 80′s knit-kit. Don’t go there.

  6. Maryam_makonya says:

    It might make sence at some point^) anyway cant wait seeing all the trendy things capturing my home city))0

  7. frau says:

    I think

    I think this is a trend for people who were BORN in the 80′s, not for us who WORE these sweaters in the 80′s…I mean, do you really want to look like you did in high school??

  8. Screengem says:

    One thing to keep in mind when getting dressed: you wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you. Being a walking billboard for animal figures is just awful. (But so are “animal prints,” yuck!)

  9. FrancoiseZooey says:

    I don’t want to be dressed like it’s the 80s again. I was born in the 80s so I didn’t necessarily wear a lot of things from the era but I have no interest in wearing them now either. Please make the 80s go away.

  10. anghiari says:

    As one much older than most on this forum, I never understood the attraction for more than a moment to these sweaters in their heyday…not again…puleeze!

  11. allaboutkateth says:

    a friend once told me that if you have lived the fashion already, don’t do it twice. i, though, haven’t! so i am ready!

  12. charissachin says:

    Nope. I won’t be wearing those. It happened in the 80′s and it should stay that way.

  13. Tropicalism says:

    I will, most deffinetly.

  14. luv2love says:

    I am absolutely NOT! how can someone be attracted to something so UNORIGINAL!?!
    people, if u want something ‘cool’ finds somethingNEW! my aunt who i am submitting to what not to wear is into animal prints like the one pictured and i dont think anyone wants this torture to ‘come back’

  15. Micjan says:

    Normal So NORMAL

  16. Micjan says:


  17. Hopestyle says:

    We should not be stuck in the past. Where is the creativity?
    We should be getting our fashion inspiration with what is around us today. shows us this inspiration and forcasts these trends well.

  18. rockinfashion101 says:

    the look is cool…
    and i think i will adopt this look…
    its a way to be comfortable and look fashionable at the same time…
    and i love the …. so YES i would adopt it…

  19. JCpolkadot says:

    I’ve noticed this trend on the street here in London. JC de Castelbajac’s first London shop is all full of Mickey Mouse motifs & big fun sweaters, but real people are wearing it too. Check out 14 March on my blog:
    Would I wear it? Probably not. I’m more of a Jackie O, clean & classic kind of girl. But it’s all good fun.

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